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03:36 pm: Is it time to go home yet?!
Today has actually gone by quicker than I thought it would cause it's already 3:30 so I only have an hour and a half left. Knowing this area though everyone will be getting off work at the same time so the traffic should be delightful (note the sarcasm dripping from my voice). It's amazing that I can be so attracted to the city life yet hate everything about the commute. I guess it doesn't help that all around D.C. it's the 'burbs so we get used to our cozy little neighborhoods and shopping centers and then we're forced to drive in the city.

So there's another intern who came in today and she's really nice so I'm happy that I finally have someone to talk to. We went on a little tour of the building/campus today with the Chair from the Near East/Africa section. He was really nice and he answered all our questions about being a Foreign Service Officer. It's something that I would do except that I'm scared of being posted in a remote area of the world. If I did decide to become an FSO I would really try to focus on Europe because I wouldn't mind being posted in one of the European countries. The other intern and I were talking about how we wouldn't want to be married or have kids if we were going to be an FSO especially not for the first post because it would be hard to uproot your kids to a place that maybe wasn't that nice.

I think now that there's someone else here to talk to and work with it's probably going to be better. We both have our orientation next Monday and Tuesday...not looking forward to taking the Metro into D.C. on a workday. I felt so much better this morning when I met her and then found out that she hadn't gone through orientation either. But actually her Security Clearance hasn't gone through either so she's still waiting for all that.

It's my mommy's birthday today so I wanted to take her out tonight but someone's coming over so we probably won't be able to go out until tomorrow night. I still want to give her her present but since it's from all of us I want to wait until we're all together. Aliya I will definitely tell my mom that you helped me pick it out. She'll probably laugh when I tell her it was the same day that I got the shoes because I don't think she understood why I was out shopping for shoes that day.;) I didn't tell her we were going to the mall or anything.

Okay I write these huge ass novels whenever I write in this journal...my life is so dull that I can blab on for hours.

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Date:January 24th, 2004 08:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah you can definitely ask me questions...I'll try my best to answer them.:) I just started thinking about doing it because I want to do International Law.
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