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10:06 am: Soooo Tired....
It's only the second day of the semester and I already feel like killing myself...and not in a "I want to work my ass off and get good grades" kinda kill myself. *lol* If this whole internship orientation thing hadn't gotten fucked up then I would feel so much better about the whole situation. As if life isn't already complicated enough I then find out I'm in the wrong Spanish class but the one that I should be taking is already filled up. I now have to go talk to the professor and beg her to let me force add into her class. I was checking the site for my London program and it seems that they've changed some of their classes around so now I have to go and change what classes I want to take. Shit how could life get so complicated in one day...Jan. 19th was so relaxing and Jan. 20th was pure hell.

At least my government professor was really cool yesterday...he seriously made my day. So it seems that he used to live in England and actually taught at the University of Reading where I would have gone if I had gone through the Mason program. He's also a huge fan of the England football team and he was talking about how he wanted to set up a World Cup of sorts for Conflict Resolution purposes. We ended up watching this very funny video about a Sri Lankan girl who moves to Canada and everyone makes fun of her bindi...all the Indians in the class got a kick out of it including me. But I think the best part of the class came when he played out the entire plot of Bend it like Beckham to the class because he thought it was a great movie and dealt with Conflict Resolution.

So I don't know if I'm happy or mad that I missed the State of the Union address last night. I did try to listen to the Democrats' Response but the Minority Leader of the House just bothered me so I couldn't watch it...how can anything sound so rehearsed when Bush had just finished his speech five minutes previous. Caught some of the newscasts this morning and I think most of the Democrats still oppose Bush's decision to go to war, as do I. I would have given anything to see Edward Kennedy's response to Bush's speech which I heard involved a lot of eye rolling. I'm a little scared of what could happen in Nov. 2004 because war is not the only issue we have to worry about right now.

Current Mood: tired, bored, depressed
Current Music: I wish I had my RotK soundtrack with me! *bawl*
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