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August 8th, 2005

10:21 am: True story. A religion teacher assigned her class an essay on what makes a good christian. One student wrote about praying nightly, say no to abortion, banning gay marriage, and donating money. The other student wrote about talking to God and allowing people to enjoy their lives, and supporting gay marriage. The day the teacher was to hand the papers back, she called up the second student and told him she would pray for him when he went to hell. The student asked why would he be going to hell, and why he got an F on his paper. The teacher told him that Catholicism is against gay marriage. The student looked at her for a minute, then said aloud, "I'm gay." The teacher kicked him out of class as if he had said "fuck" or worshiped Satan. A girl in the back of class who had a boyfriend and was obviously straight got up and left too. If you would leave the classroom, repost this. It doesn't matter if you're straight, bi, or gay. It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not. Everyone is a human being and deserves happiness.

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July 20th, 2005

10:28 pm:

Crediting Enchantress4eva for the Friends Only Banner.  Comment if you would like to be added.

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July 7th, 2005

01:36 pm: My heart goes out to all the people affected by the bombings in London. It's so weird to think that just about two months ago I was riding the Underground through those very same stops.

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February 20th, 2005

12:15 pm: I can't believe I haven't written in here in over two months. I had a great time in India with my family. I was sad to leave behind everyone (especially my adorable nephew). It was refreshing after last semester but now everything is just so different. The people this semester are all so different and there are so many things that have changed. It feels weird to come back here and not have all the comforts of last semester...we barely know any of the new people. And this semester it seems that we actually know more of the guys than the girls which is a weird feeling. I'm trying not to get back into the pattern of falling for a guy at school because last semester there was just too much wrong with that. I'm having a great time with the girls though. I mostly just hang out with some of the girls from last semester who are back and just a few of the new girls which is pretty cool. I've definitely had some crazy experiences this semester and I've only been here for a month. I love that we're all so comfortable around each other that we can all spend the day together and not want to kill each other. The craze at the moment seems to be marathons of Sex and the City which I'm absolutely loving. We totally relate to those girls and it's been so much fun just hanging out at night watching episodes and having girl talk. School is already so busy which is very different from last semester but in a way it's good because then it feels like there's always something to do.

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July 26th, 2004


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March 1st, 2004

12:17 am: So happy for LotR!! I love that it was a clean sweep!! This is it...this is the end of the story. But what a way to go...they ended it with a bang!:D

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January 23rd, 2004

03:36 pm: Is it time to go home yet?!
Today has actually gone by quicker than I thought it would cause it's already 3:30 so I only have an hour and a half left. Knowing this area though everyone will be getting off work at the same time so the traffic should be delightful (note the sarcasm dripping from my voice). It's amazing that I can be so attracted to the city life yet hate everything about the commute. I guess it doesn't help that all around D.C. it's the 'burbs so we get used to our cozy little neighborhoods and shopping centers and then we're forced to drive in the city.

So there's another intern who came in today and she's really nice so I'm happy that I finally have someone to talk to. We went on a little tour of the building/campus today with the Chair from the Near East/Africa section. He was really nice and he answered all our questions about being a Foreign Service Officer. It's something that I would do except that I'm scared of being posted in a remote area of the world. If I did decide to become an FSO I would really try to focus on Europe because I wouldn't mind being posted in one of the European countries. The other intern and I were talking about how we wouldn't want to be married or have kids if we were going to be an FSO especially not for the first post because it would be hard to uproot your kids to a place that maybe wasn't that nice.

I think now that there's someone else here to talk to and work with it's probably going to be better. We both have our orientation next Monday and Tuesday...not looking forward to taking the Metro into D.C. on a workday. I felt so much better this morning when I met her and then found out that she hadn't gone through orientation either. But actually her Security Clearance hasn't gone through either so she's still waiting for all that.

It's my mommy's birthday today so I wanted to take her out tonight but someone's coming over so we probably won't be able to go out until tomorrow night. I still want to give her her present but since it's from all of us I want to wait until we're all together. Aliya I will definitely tell my mom that you helped me pick it out. She'll probably laugh when I tell her it was the same day that I got the shoes because I don't think she understood why I was out shopping for shoes that day.;) I didn't tell her we were going to the mall or anything.

Okay I write these huge ass novels whenever I write in this journal...my life is so dull that I can blab on for hours.

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January 22nd, 2004

10:32 pm: What is with this week?!
Okay so I'm a little relieved to find out that I'm not the only one having the shitiest (word?) week ever. I'm also really sorry for everyone who is having a bad week...lets just hope the weekend can cure whatever this is. At the rate I'm going May just seems like the furthest thing away right now. I'm just looking forward to March right now so I can get out of here and go to CO.

So Aliya and I were talking about this and what is it about thinking you're doing the right thing only to find out later that maybe it wasn't the right thing at all. I know why I decided to do the internship this semester but now that I'm there I keep thinking that it would have been better if I had just stayed in school and taken more classes. Night classes and waking up at 6am has gotten me down to the point where any little thing to get out of it is welcome. I thought this was what I wanted but now that I'm here I wish I had never done anything. Being an overachiever sucks sometimes.

Classes finally seem to have worked themselves out. I was so sad tonight when I had to go to my 7:20 class. I don't know what possessed me to take a night class on a Thursday. It's bio so as usual it put me to sleep but the professor posts her notes online so if I give it enough time I'll just stop going to class. I'm trying to make my schedule for London right now so I can mail it to them and damn it if the classes aren't all at the same time. I just don't have the patience to deal with this right now so I'm gonna go to bed and hope that Friday and my mommy's birthday makes the day better.:-/

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January 21st, 2004

10:06 am: Soooo Tired....
It's only the second day of the semester and I already feel like killing myself...and not in a "I want to work my ass off and get good grades" kinda kill myself. *lol* If this whole internship orientation thing hadn't gotten fucked up then I would feel so much better about the whole situation. As if life isn't already complicated enough I then find out I'm in the wrong Spanish class but the one that I should be taking is already filled up. I now have to go talk to the professor and beg her to let me force add into her class. I was checking the site for my London program and it seems that they've changed some of their classes around so now I have to go and change what classes I want to take. Shit how could life get so complicated in one day...Jan. 19th was so relaxing and Jan. 20th was pure hell.

At least my government professor was really cool yesterday...he seriously made my day. So it seems that he used to live in England and actually taught at the University of Reading where I would have gone if I had gone through the Mason program. He's also a huge fan of the England football team and he was talking about how he wanted to set up a World Cup of sorts for Conflict Resolution purposes. We ended up watching this very funny video about a Sri Lankan girl who moves to Canada and everyone makes fun of her bindi...all the Indians in the class got a kick out of it including me. But I think the best part of the class came when he played out the entire plot of Bend it like Beckham to the class because he thought it was a great movie and dealt with Conflict Resolution.

So I don't know if I'm happy or mad that I missed the State of the Union address last night. I did try to listen to the Democrats' Response but the Minority Leader of the House just bothered me so I couldn't watch it...how can anything sound so rehearsed when Bush had just finished his speech five minutes previous. Caught some of the newscasts this morning and I think most of the Democrats still oppose Bush's decision to go to war, as do I. I would have given anything to see Edward Kennedy's response to Bush's speech which I heard involved a lot of eye rolling. I'm a little scared of what could happen in Nov. 2004 because war is not the only issue we have to worry about right now.

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January 20th, 2004

03:00 pm:

Stole this from Em...

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